OSHA Outreach Training

Safety and wellbeing of workforces against modern occupational hazards is not only crucial for productivity but it also holds ultimate importance when it comes to socio-economic and sustainable growth of any organization. To ensure this, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) strongly recommends continuous training for workers who are exposed to countless hazards on the job. To fulfill this requirement we are offering multiple courses which covers all the basic as well as detailed information regarding OSHA standards about health and safety for employees in general and construction industries.


Name Short Description Course Delivery
OSHA Construction 10 Hours This course teaches all the key topics about workplace safety, worker rights, and employer responsibilities to all entry level employees especially of the construction industry. Enroll Now
OSHA General 10 Hours This course is intended to provide broad awareness to an entry level general industry worker about identifying and avoiding hazards in workplaces. Enroll Now
OSHA Construction 30 Hours This course is specially devised for field supervisors, foremen workers, and safety directors working in the construction industry and teaches them about OSHA compliance issues with regards to safety at workplaces. Enroll Now
OSHA General 30 Hours This course is specifically designed for supervisors, foremen, and safety directors working in general industries; it delivers complete information on OSHA compliance issues regarding health and safety hazards, worker rights, and employer responsibilities. Enroll Now

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